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Frequently Asked Questions

When will I get a response to my proposal?

All applicants will receive a response within 7 days of the close date. Earlier proposals will usually be responded to first. This gives 2 months of preparation time – please consider this before applying. (The reasons for this were beyond the festival’s control.)

As an artist, do I need insurance?

If you are volunteering to the festival, we have insurance to cover you. If you are contracted to the festival, the contract will require your own insurances. If this is confusing or bewildering, talk to us.

Can I present political art?

This is a site-specific arts festival in Canberra. Absolutely.

Can my art be offensive or for mature audiences only?

Yes. Protections and advice to audiences will be developed by the festival to ensure audiences are aware of offensive or mature works. Curators will deny unjustifiably distasteful work, but the agency of the artist is important and this is not a kids’ event. Children are welcome and will be well catered for (we have a fabulous kids area), but they are not the target audience for many works.

How do I charge for artist fees in my proposal?

Artists should be fairly paid for their work. Just like a grant application, you can charge for fees using the relevant union standards such as those of NAVA or MEAA. Variations are fine but should be explained. Please note that the chance to sell works may compensate for fees in some cases. 

Do I include production and infrastructure costs in my proposal?

All production requirements should be listed in your proposal unless it will already be there. Funding extensions are rarely granted, so be clear from the start.

If you are requesting to be in a production environment promised in the Details page, you do not need to include production costs in the funding request. For example, if you are requesting to present a music and painting show on the Courtyard Stage, exclude costs of the sound equipment but state that you need x microphones and a PA, but you may need to include the costs of paint.

If you require production or infrastructure where there may not be any, those costs must be included in your requested funding. Experienced estimations are fine to begin and the festival team will help coordinate requirements and minimise costs. We’re here to realise artists’ goals, no matter how peculiar or ambitious.

Can I sell art at the festival? And is there a commission on sales?

All projects accepted through the Call for Artists proposal round are welcome to be sold on the day. Where minimal funding is requested, no commission is charged and sales are the responsibility of the artist, except in the Nishi Gallery exhibition where a 40% commission is applied and sales are facilitated. (Specific funding extensions may be permitted in conjunction with a commission on sales, but this would be unusual.)

Is the festival accessible to everyone?

Yes. All areas of the event are wheelchair friendly, seating is abundant, most of it is free, there are kids-focused areas and people of all backgrounds should find works of interest. If you or a friend have specific accessibility requirements, please email the festival in advance. Art should not be apart from anyone and we will make all reasonable efforts to ensure this philosophy is realised.

What if it rains on 18 March 2017?

Only parts of the festival are wet-weather ready. Three days before the event, a decision will be made to continue, cancel some parts of the event or delay the entire program. In the event of cancelation, or delay to a date unsuitable for some artists, the artists will receive the funding that was pledged. This has not happened in our five-year history, but you’re still not allowed to rain dance.

Can I bring pets?

Sure, the area by the lake is particularly pet friendly and picnics are welcome there, but please note the following conditions:

  • Only service animals are permitted in the indoor festival venues. This includes the Courtyard Stage. You won’t see all of the art if you are limited to outdoor areas, but maybe you can juggle leads with friends.
  • The festival reserves the right to refuse entry to any animal that is perceived as a safety concern or annoyance. Please don’t bring any animal that may become aggressive, annoying or loud.
  • Some areas of the festival are loud. Dog hearing is sensitive, so please be sensitive about where you take them.


Does my proposal need to include a presentation of work on 18 March 2017?

Yes, however funding for development or materials is not solely for ANA 2017. Proposals that leverage festival funding for future development or presentation are welcome, so long as a well-considered project is presented on the day.

Can I present works of design that may not classify as art?

The festival program is aiming to shake it up. All projects that further this theme and the goals of the festival will be considered. It may help to justify non-arts works against the theme.

Can I volunteer at the festival?

We’d love you to. Bringing ANA to fruition is a big task and needs lots of skills. If you have some, or want to learn some, please talk to us here. We will do our best to fit you into the right part of the team. This could involve artist coordination, production assistance, marketing assistance, regulatory compliance for artists’ crazy ideas, invigilating exhibitions, carpentry or – the most needed – assisting on the day. We’ll feed you, dress you in a red smock, talk to you and thank you. And help however else we can. Click here to talk about festival volunteering.

Can I apply for 2018?

Early applicants for 2018 can receive in-principle approval in early 2017 to leverage other grants and resources. The relevant festival curator can provide a letter of support and exceptional projects can receive special integration into multi-year festival planning. The producer and curators are planning the 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 festivals as a coherent series. 

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